Do You Have Sensitive Teeth? We Can Help!

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If you have sensitive teeth, you probably understand how painful and unpleasant it can be. Sadly, some people may have to deal with sensitive teeth throughout their life, but others may be able to avoid their sensitivity. Still, do you know what you can do about sensitive teeth or about what could be causing the problem?

You see, your teeth are made of several layers. Your enamel, which is one of the hardest substances in your body, is the protective layer of your teeth. Beneath your enamel is your dentin. This layer actually carries temperature signals to the nerves in the center of your tooth. If your enamel is broken or worn down, your dentin will be exposed. If your dentin is exposed, you could experience pain. Sadly, your enamel can be damaged by several issues, including cavities, a loose filling, teeth grinding, and gum disease.

Sadly, once your enamel is gone, it can’t be replaced, which means you may need other treatments to cope with your discomfort. Still, if you have sensitive teeth, we recommend contacting us. Often, sensitivity can be caused by a problem like gum recession or a cavity that needs to be filled.

If you have sensitive teeth, we may be able to help you address the issue after we identify its cause. If you’d like to learn more about dealing with sensitive teeth in Granada Hills, California, please don’t hesitate to give our dental office a call at 818-368-5676. Our dentist, Dr. John Bosak, Jr., and our team are excited to meet with you soon.