Give Your Tooth the Royal Treatment With a Dental Crown

If a tooth needs its shape, size, and strength restored, a dental crown may be needed. A dental crown is a tooth-shaped dental restoration that will cover the entire visible portion of a tooth. Dr. John Bosak, Jr. may recommend a dental crown in Granada Hills, California, for: - A tooth that has had a large dental filling or multiple... read more »

What You Should Know About Root Canal Therapy

If the dental pulp in the root canal of a tooth becomes infected, Dr. John Bosak, Jr. may recommend a root canal in Granada Hills, California. During this procedure, the infection is removed from the root canal (or canals) of the tooth and the tooth is sealed. Symptoms Sometimes, there will be no noticeable symptoms that a root canal is... read more »

A Dental Restoration That Can Be Your Smile’s Crowning Glory

What is a dental crown? If one of your teeth is decayed or damaged, Dr. John Bosak, Jr. may recommend a dental crown in Granada Hills, California. A dental crown, which is tooth shaped, is placed over a tooth to restore its shape, size, strength, and appearance. When cemented in place, the dental crown will cover and protect the entire... read more »

A Crown Might Be Required to Repair a Tooth with a Large Cavity

Cavities are often the unfortunate result of poor oral hygiene. Your twice-annual dental checkup at our dental office includes an examination to detect any signs of tooth decay before it can spread. If you put off attending a checkup, it will invite any existing cavity to exacerbate. For a cavity that has grown too large to be repaired by a... read more »

A Dental Crown Can Repair a Damaged Tooth

Fillings are intended to repair a chip or cavity for many years. If one falls out, the exposed tooth enamel could suffer a fracture or come to harbor a new area of tooth decay. This makes timely treatment critical to prevent further complications. In many cases, the loss of the filling compromises so much tooth enamel that a dental crown... read more »

A Cracked Tooth Might Need a Crown to Repair It

Even though your tooth enamel is strong, there are times when a blow to the face or a hard fall can carry so much force that it cracks the enamel layer of a tooth. Even if the crack doesn’t damage the internal structures of the tooth, your dentist, Dr. John Bosak, Jr., might recommend repairing the tooth with a dental... read more »