Root Canal Treatment May Be Able to Save a Damaged Tooth

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The mouth is a complex part of the body with a lot of interactions going on inside of it that we can’t see. There are many things happening in your mouth that you are unaware of that might become a problem. A root canal is one of those things that could go wrong if an infection occurs in the root of your tooth. Beneath the teeth and gums are the roots, blood vessels, and nerves that support your teeth and keep them strong. Sometimes an infection happens in this area and you might need a treatment called a root canal to relieve pain or save the tooth.

The root canal itself includes a set of tubes inside the roots of the tooth that the tooth by getting nutrients to it and keeping it strong. If these tubes get infected, it can cause severe amounts of pain and sometimes kill the tooth, making you need a removal. A root canal treatment can clear out the infection and save the tooth from dying.

A root canal is quite simple to perform. To treat your infected root canal, Dr. John Bosak, Jr. will first numb the tooth so you don’t experience any pain during the procedure. Then he will open the tooth down to the infected pulp cavity. You should be numb enough that you won’t feel this. After that, he will remove the infected parts of the tooth and replace them with plugs that will secure the root of the tooth in place. Your tooth should then heal successfully without much pain and preventing any further problems.

Many people may feel uncertain about getting a root canal treatment, but Dr. John Bosak, Jr. is very skilled at doing his job and keeping you comfortable both during the treatment at our office in Granada Hills, California, and helping you in caring for the tooth during recovery. Recovery can take some time, but it is ultimately the right decision to get the root canal rather than deal with the potential consequences.

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