The Medical-Dental Connection

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Most of us know we should have an annual physical exam with our medical doctor, but how many of us think we should see our dentist just as often.

The link between medical and dental is fraught with a lot of questions and science is slow to confirm how one’s medical condition is affected by dental health and visa versa.

Knowing that good dental health begins when we are young and needs to be maintained throughout life is often overlooked. How many times has your medical doctor asked you if you have seen your dentist to have your teeth examined, or even cleaned? The answer is likely, “Rarely”!

Patients who have special medical conditions such as respiratory problems, heart disease, diabetes, or cancer, or who just wish to stay in shape, need regular dental checkups. In the end, whether you are healthy or your health is compromised, it is important to take action to keep your oral health in check.

When is the best time to start?
Start now!

Whether you are young or in your retirement years, it is never too late to be responsible for keeping a healthy oral condition and smile. Ultimately, this will benefit you with any health-related situations which may be present or developing.

We invite you to contact our office today to learn more about the mouth-health connection and to schedule a visit with Dr. John Bosak, Jr., our dentist in Granada Hills, California.