Replace a Tooth With a Dental Bridge

Have you recently lost one or more teeth due to an accident or a dental issue like advanced periodontal disease? Losing a tooth can make simple things like speaking and chewing more difficult. A lost tooth can also allow the remaining teeth from drifting out of place. Because of these and other reasons, if you have lost a tooth, Dr.... read more »

Holiday Sweets Best Enjoyed in Moderation

With the winter holidays approaching, you may be enjoying many delectable delights that satisfy your sweet tooth. While these goodies certainly taste good and may add to the holiday spirit, sugar can be damaging to the teeth. When sugar is consumed by the bacteria that live in our mouths, the sugar is turned into cavity-causing acids. You should be aware... read more »

Chronic Dry Mouth

When the mouth experiences a lack of saliva, chronic dry mouth occurs. For a better understanding of why this is harmful and how to combat it, read below: - Saliva is essential for your oral health because it neutralizes acids on your teeth and washes away harmful bacteria and food particles. - Side effects of dry mouth consist of a... read more »

How Musicians Can Protect Their Smiles

As you play your favorite instrument, you don’t usually think about your smile. This can be dangerous and our dentist, Dr. John Bosak, Jr., asks you to keep your smile in mind. If you’re not careful, the bacteria on your instrument, the pressure on your mouth from playing, and even the way you use your instrument can put your teeth,... read more »

What You Should Know About Root Canal Therapy

If the dental pulp in the root canal of a tooth becomes infected, Dr. John Bosak, Jr. may recommend a root canal in Granada Hills, California. During this procedure, the infection is removed from the root canal (or canals) of the tooth and the tooth is sealed. Symptoms Sometimes, there will be no noticeable symptoms that a root canal is... read more »

What You Should Know About Toothaches

Do you have a toothache that continues to annoy you? If so, the most frequent cause of an actual toothache is damage to your pulp within the root of a tooth. Thus, it must be treated. In addition, if the pulp is damaged, it could lead to more serious problems, including infection and tooth loss. A toothache occurs due to... read more »

Factors Causing Gum Disease

There are many things that can cause your smile to suffer from gum disease. Our team in Granada Hills, California, is happy to talk to you about these factors so you can work to get gum disease treated. By understanding the different causes of gum disease, you can give yourself the proper data and tools to help you fight against... read more »

The Details About Dental Implants

Are you interested in replacing your missing tooth with a dental implant? If so, good for you! Dental implants can give you the complete, functional, and beautiful smile you’re looking for. To help you know a little more about this beneficial dental restoration, Dr. John Bosak, Jr. and our dental team are happy to share some facts about dental implants... read more »

A More Radiant Smile With Teeth Whitening

Are your teeth stained? Do you yearn for a bright, radiant smile? Ask Dr. John Bosak, Jr. about teeth whitening in Granada Hills, California. At our office, we offer both at-home and in-office whitening. We want you to be able to whiten your smile in the most convenient and comfortable way possible. At-Home Whitening With take-home teeth whitening, you can... read more »

What Is the Purpose and Function of a Root Canal?

What is the purpose and function of a root canal? A root canal is a dental treatment often designed to save a tooth from extraction or failure. Root canals are needed when the pulp of a tooth becomes damaged and must be removed to avoid causing any further damage to your mouth or the tooth itself. Not all teeth are... read more »